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Vacuum Testing of Tubes

The PVLD-3000 Kit

The PVLD-3000 always in stock

Always in Stock

The PVLD-3000 is a stock item and we can ship overnight continental North America. The kit comes complete therefore you have the facility to test tubes from 1/4"OD to 3.0"OD. Not like other kits on the market where you have to buy the separate seals, ours comes complete. The only requirement is an air supply of 90 psi and you will be able to isolate those leaking tubes.

Price: $1395.00 USD

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Powermaster Industrial is pleased to announce we now stock and supply Eibenstock Rolling Motors, Metal Working Tools and construction equipment from CS Unitec. This includes the complete range of quality Magnetic Drills and Annular Cutters.

Also we represent CanTorque the leader in Bolting Technology in Canada and the USA.

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Rental of Equipment

We keep a limited inventory of rental equipment which we are building each month. Tube Expanders for rent consist of only Boiler Tube Expanders in the standard ranges as follows

Other Equipment Available


PVLD-3000 Vacuum Tube leak Detector

The PVLD-3000 will test tubes by creating a vacuum within the tube. If the gauge remains steady then the vacuum has held and the tube is not leaking. This unit comes with seals for tubes from 1/4" OD up to 3.0" OD.


Right angled rolling motor The pneumatic Right Angled Rolling Motor will roll tubes up to 4.0"OD. An air supply of 90psi at 1982 lpm is required. This is the ideal tool for rolling boiler tubes especially combination beading tube expanders. In limited space situations with a combination of boiler tube accessories tubes can be easily rolled.

Electric Rolling Drives

Electric Rolling Drives The TCW Torque controller comes with the drive size you request and will roll tubes up to 3.0" OD. The torque controller is easily adjustable and is wattage based therefore it keeps all rolled joints the same at the correct finished ID.