Tube Expanders and tube cutters tooling for Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Condensers and oil Coolers.

Tube Cutters, Expanders and Tube Tools by Powermaster Industrial Supplies Ltd
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Ontario Canada K0A 1M0

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Tube Leak Detector Kits On Sale $1395.00 USD$ Units in stock ready to ship....


Rental Tools for Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condenser, Chillers and Oil Coolers.

Electric Tube Rolling Equipment for Rental

TR-1 Up to 3/8" Steel Tubes. MPB-0 Tube Rolling Driver. Torque Controller which can automatically recognize the drive attached. All systems come with the TCW Torque Controller.

Call for Pricing
TR-2 Up to 5/8" Steel Tubes. MPB-1 Tube Rolling Drive.
TR-3 Up to 1.3/4" Steel Tubes. MPG-2L Rolling Drive.
TR-4 Up to 3.0" Steel Tubes. MPG-3L 110v Rolling Drive.

Available for sale are the necessary Tube Expanders as well as Lube a Tube. 

Payment by either MasterCard or Visa when renting the equipment.
Visa and MasterCard accepted by Powermaster.

Call: (613) 764-0572 or Fax your requirements on (613) 764-3719 for tube tools rental.


Tube Rolling Drive MPG-2N

MPG-2 tube rolling equipment in either 120v or 240v configuration.

HYDEX Hydraulic Tube Rolling Pump
Hydraulic Drive

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